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Verge List Sundance 2016

Dylan Gelula

Interview by James Patrick Herman

Photographs by Jeff Vespa

Interview by James Patrick Herman  Photographs by Jeff Vespa

Where are you from?


Are you a Sundance virgin?

To be sincere: I am. And I so don’t even know what to expect that I feel good about it. I can’t be stressed out because I don’t know what to be stressed out about.

How does it feel to be a Sundance sensation?

It just means that I am another step closer to everybody figuring out the ruse that I’ve pulled: That I am talented and you should hire me. People keep doing it and saying things like I’m a Sundance sensation. But I am a giant fraud.

What’s the buzz about your movie?

It’s about a girl who is self-assured and confident in her sexuality but less so in other people’s ability to handle it, so she hasn’t come out. And she finally falls in love for real.

Tell me about your character.

She is really smart and cool — the kind of teenager who is going to have the most awesome adult life and just the shittiest adolescence. Which is the best kind of person. You know when people are ahead of their high-school selves? That is how I would describe her.

Are you suggesting that there is a converse relationship between loneliness in adolescence and popularity in adulthood?

Look, all of my friends had no friends in high school. That is how you develop your personality. What if I was socially successful as a kid? I don’t think I would have read as many books. Instead of hanging out with people at lunch, I read books. And now I am a well-read adult.


Dylan Gelula


Dylan Gelula

What was your first acting experience?

The first time I remember wanting to not only be an actor but also to have the most lines of anybody was in my kindergarten play. It was called Buffalo Woman. I remember crying to my mom because I wasn’t Buffalo Woman. And she was like: “You’re the narrator. You have more lines.” And I was like: But it’s called Buffalo Woman!

Did you ever have a normal job?

Yes, I worked as a hostess at a restaurant. And got fired from that. Basically, if somebody asked me for something, I was least likely to give it to them. But if they didn’t ask me for anything, I would give them the nice table.

What will you pack for Park City?

Probably a bathing suit and some shorts.

How do you plan to spend your free time at the festival: Screenings, skiing or soirées? And by “soirées,” we mean hot tub parties.

Is that a thing? I was joking about the bathing suit, but if there really are hot tub parties, then maybe I will bring one.

What do you think of Robert Redford?

People are always asking me: “What do you think of Robert Redford?” The fact that he has carved out this gigantic showcase for independent film is so crucial to our industry that all I can do is make a joke about it.

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Fashion Credits:
Stylist   Avo Yermagyan   
Makeup   Gina Ribisi    
Hair   Jayson Medina 
Look 1: Sando dress, Alejandra G. shoes
Look 2: Fendi dress
Dylan Gelula
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