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Verge List: Sundance 2016

Royalty Hightower

Interview James Patrick Herman

Photography Jeff Vespa

Where are you from?


How does it feel to be a Sundance sensation?

I was raised to think I was a star. Because if you don’t, then who will? But it still feels weird. Now everyone is going to know who I am. But before, I was just a regular person. This film has gone so far, so fast — and much further than I thought it would go.

What’s the buzz about your movie?

It’s about a tomboy who boxes, but all of a sudden she sees a dance team and she wants to start dancing. Her big brother tells her: “Try it. What have you got to lose?”

Tell me about your character.

Toni asks lots of questions. This is her first time trying to be a dancer. She is scared and confused. She’s trying to find who she is. She’s trying to find the person inside of her. She’s trying to find out: Who’s Toni?

Royalty Hightower


Royalty Hightower

Describe the Sundance selfie of your dreams?

I will definitely bring my selfie stick. I want to take one in the snow at the premiere.

What will you pack for Park City?

A coat, boots, cute headband and fur hat.

How do you plan to spend your free time at the festival?

Doing something fun. I have never been somewhere mountainous with snow everywhere. You can do a lot of cool things: Make snow angels, go tubing. You can do anything you want. You’re free!

What do you think of Robert Redford?

I want to thank him for starting the film festival.

Fashion Credits:

Stylist   Avo Yermagyan   Makeup   Gina Ribisi    Hair   Jayson Medina 

Look 1: Few Moda coat, Opening Ceremony top, DL1961 denim, Alepel shoes

Look 2: Alice + Olivia top and skirt

Look 3: Fendi dress

Royalty Hightower
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